Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary

Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary

It's a pretty average and typical hidden object puzzle game
License type: Shareware

Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary is a typical hidden object puzzle game where you have to find items within all kinds of sceneries and solve puzzles in order to progress through the game and eventually elucidate the main mystery of the storyline.

Unfortunately Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary failed to impress me in any way. It doesn’t offer any original gameplay element, and the risk of quickly getting bored and abandoning the game altogether feels omnipresent especially during its early levels. The additional puzzles are ridiculously simple and easy, posing no actual challenge to the players and failing to capture any interest. The story could’ve saved the day, as it does to the many other also rather unoriginal hidden object games, but in the case of Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary, it’s just as dull as the entire game. It’s too vague and confusing to make me interested and captivated: it’s something about a free vacation, won by the main character in the typical implausible manner of a cock-and-bull story. This vacation involves traveling to a hotel, finding a diary, and looking for clues in order to solve some mystery, mostly just for the sake of it. The visuals and the soundtrack are also pretty average, to say the least.

To sum it all up, Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary is just another hidden object game that doesn’t really deserve much attention. I’d say you should get it only if you’re a big fan of this game genre and you have already exhausted all other available options.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Comes with a "hint" system
  • Can be played in both full screen and windows mode
  • The sound and music volumes can be controlled to your liking


  • The story is confusing and rather implausible sometimes
  • The visuals are rather average
  • Lacks originality and specific game aspects and features
  • The additional word puzzles are ridiculously simple
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